Why a Food Truck Is Perfect for Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry is full of ways to maximize profits. Perhaps you’ve tried promotions, new menu items, happy-hour specials, and more, but you’re still struggling to stand out from the crowd. It might be time to think outside the box—and by “box” we mean restaurant. A great way to expand your customer base and grow your business is to get a food truck!

Check out these 4 sweet perks to investing in a food truck for your restaurant this summer.

Advertising With a Side of Fries

A restaurant’s marketing strategy is crucial to attracting new customers and growing sales.

Food trucks are becoming a key component to running a successful restaurant in this era of social media. Photos of your delectable food are wonderful, but who doesn’t want to advertise with the actual mouth-watering dishes you serve at your restaurant?

Potential customers can now visit your truck to sample your products instead of just considering them from an advertisement. The added benefit of advertising that actually pays you back in cash is awesome. Starting a food truck business that eventually becomes financially self-sufficient is never a bad thing.

Grow Fast with Low Upfront Costs

Expanding your business by establishing another location is a natural business choice as your business grows, and you seek new ways to maintain your level of growth. Rather than opening another brick-and-mortar location, why not consider purchasing a food truck?

A food truck provides great flexibility regarding location since you could virtually conduct your business from anywhere, with startup costs that are often less than $50,000—a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar location.

The menu in your restaurant can be adjusted and pared down so that it fits your truck. Now customers can choose between two locations—one of which is mobile—and still enjoy the same quality of food. This flexibility can help your business too, since you can go to your target customers instead of hoping they come to you.

Create a Unique Menu

For many restaurants, the appeal for customers to come is for unique and creative dishes that keep them coming back for more. A food truck allows you to serve your customers anywhere and anything you choose, such as a BBQ menu or new vegetarian options. The radical changes you make to a successful establishment can alienate your long-term customers, but your food truck is the perfect way to experiment and attract new patrons in safely and creatively.

Seasonal Opportunities

There may be seasonal opportunities for you to take advantage of with a food truck, such as bringing your truck to beaches or parks now that warmer months are upon us. Is a big sporting event coming up? If you can obtain space outside a local arena, you can capitalize on sporting fans in town.

Looking for a younger crowd? A university can also be a lucrative place to earn some extra income when students are moving between classes. With some brainstorming, you are sure to find some amazing ways to use your truck—the sky’s the limit! Running a food truck can be a fun and creative venture for a new or existing business, and we want to make it an easier one too! Give the team at Cookshack a call today at 800-423-0698 or visit us online to see our wide selection of smokers, grills, and pizza ovens.