Close up pizza in firewood oven with flame behind

Smoking Hot Recipes for Your Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with the kids? How about a casual and delicious dinner for a friendly gettogether? Whatever the occasion, a homemade pizza is one of the best ways to get the party going and make sure all involved have a great time.

Here are our top 3 homemade pizza recipes.

Karen’s Smoked Pizza

Start off your afternoon of fun by spreading one can of your favorite pizza sauce across two pizza crusts. These pizza crusts can be store-bought, but there’s no better way to spend time with the family than to make pizza dough together.

Next, pop on whatever veggies or meats you like on pizza (we promise not to judge if you throw pineapple on) and throw both pizzas in your Cookshack smoker for one hour at 250 ℉.

Once the hour is up, swap out the pizza positions in your smoker and put them back in for another 30 minutes. This will give them that delicious crispiness and smokehouse flavor you can’t find anywhere else.

Smoked Pepperoni Pizza

What’s the one thing in the world that’s better than a pepperoni pizza? A fast pepperoni pizza! Whether you have a sporting event you have to get to in a hurry or you just want to eat dinner right now, our Cookshack smokers can help you cook a pizza that will have the kids going wild.

Start this recipe by sprinkling cornmeal on your pizza peel to keep the pizza from sticking too much. Next, make your dough and flatten it across your pizza peel before pouring your favorite marinara sauce across the top. Throw on some delicious slices of pepperoni and sprinkle a few handfuls of mozzarella to seal the deal.

Think the fun ends there? Think again! Just throw your pizza in our PZ400 pizza oven at 700 ℉ for 3 minutes and your dinner is ready to go.

Pulled Pork Pizza

Pulled pork is the ultimate food. It works on burgers, it works on fries, and (you guessed it) it even works on pizza!

Before you even touch the pork, begin by sauteing diced onion and bell pepper on the stove with 1 tbsp of olive oil. Once the onions and pepper are properly cooked, take your pizza dough and brush it down with olive oil.

Next, take a cup of your favorite BBQ sauce and spread that across the dough surface, giving it that perfect kick. Wrap up the production by throwing your pulled pork and sauteed veggies on top and tossing it in the PG500 pizza oven for 12 minutes at 500 ℉.

Pizzas are the perfect meal for any evening, but the real fun is making them with your family and friends. Find more great Cookshack recipes by calling our team today at (800) 423-0698 or visit us online to see our excellent selection of pizza ovens and accessories.