Get The Greatest Grilling Gifts This Christmas

Buying the right Christmas gift is tricky, but buying the right grilling gift for a BBQ aficionado is a whole other ball game. So, if you know someone who loves to grill but seems to have it all and you’re looking to buy them something special this Christmas—or you’re just stumped for ideas—look no further! Cookshack has a range of unique and innovative grill-tastic options that’ll do the trick. 

Here are some tips on what to get your favorite grill master this holiday season:

Pellet Grills

If you know someone who says there’s nothing more peaceful than grilling, maybe you should try looking at Fast Eddy’s Pellet Grill. It’s the only pellet grill on the market that uses charbroiling technology. 

If you’d like the smokiness of a charbroiler with the flavor control of a traditional grill, this could be the perfect addition to your patio or garage. Give your loved ones the joy of a delicious backyard barbecue and the warm hug that only comfort food can bring. Besides, if done right, grilling can be healthier than a lot of other cooking methods. 


If they already have a grill, why not try the original home-smoker that started it all? This electric smoker is easy to load, clean, and is incredibly portable. While you’re at it, take a look at Cookshack’s entire catalog of smokers. This option may just be what they’re missing. 

BBQ Essentials

If your friend or family member already has an impressive grilling setup, then why not throw in some of Cookshack’s classic BBQ essentials, like Fast Eddy’s Championship Seasoning. Whether you make it an add-on to your Christmas gift or a stocking stuffer, it’s sure to delight any recipient. 


Here’s an option for the newer cooks out there—if your favorite chef is just starting out, why not look at this incredible cookbook for beginners? It has a mix of traditional recipes as well as gourmet wood-smoked dishes.  

Everyone can agree that there are few things more beloved than a cookout. So, if your loved one enjoys grilling, show them some love this Christmas by giving them the gift of a KC-style barbecue made easy. Check out Cookshack to make smokin’ simple.