What is a Commercial Indoor Smoker?

Traditional barbecue smokers in the old days were made to be used outdoors, and so you would find the smoker sitting outside next to the building. It would typically have a large stack of wood logs or charcoal next to it. It required constant supervision and maintenance. Cleaning was also an issue. Modern smokers have been modified to be used safely indoors. They need to be easy to clean and easy to remove the ash. Cookshack smokers work efficiently and safely in an indoor environment. They are designed for indoor use. They use small wood chunks or pellets that are easy to store and use. A Cookshack smoker generates very little ash so the danger of fire from removing hot ash and embers are eliminated unlike log burners that require removal of live coals. A smoker needs to be able to burn wood without a fire risk.

It needs to be properly vented. Cookshack manufactures a smokehood for our electric SmartSmoker line, or the smoker can be put under a traditional hood. It can be complicated trying figure out how to get the smoke and flue gases out of your kitchen. You also want a unit that is well-insulated so that you are not putting additional heat into the kitchen. Commercial kitchens are over eighty degrees even with the air conditioner running. Adding more heat from a smoker is not going to make your staff happy. Cookshack commercial smokers are constructed with double-walled insulation surrounded by 850°F Spin-Glas® insulation.

Other issues to be concerned with if considering adding a commercial indoor smoker is the footprint that will be necessary. Make sure it will fit through the door into the space, and you will have adequate spacing around the unit for cleaning and maintenance.

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