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How to View and Write a Cookshack Review

The 411 on Cookshack Reviews

Cookshack has received a few questions about how the new website works. Hopefully, over the next few months while people get used to the new site, we can help make finding information easier. Here is a little bit more information on Cookshack Reviews including Howtos.

What reviews does Cookshack Publish?

We publish ALL of the new reviews we receive online. 1 star or 5 star, our reviews are viewable on our website. We also distribute our reviews during weekly meetings so everyone knows exactly what issues or compliments customers have. Feel free to leave an honest review. We feel that reviews are the only way anyone can make an educated decision on what product will best fit their needs, even if it’s not with us. You can also find more reviews on our Facebook Page.

How can I view the current online reviews?

To see the reviews already made for a product, follow these steps

  1. Navigate to that product by using the navigation panel on the top of the site or use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to search for your product.
  2. Once you’ve made it to the product page, you can scroll down to see the average review scores and the breakdown of stars given in the reviews.
  3. Click “All Reviews” to see all details and comments. You can also arrange the reviews by date or by rating.

How do I write a Review for a Smoker? (Click through method)

From, follow these steps:

  1. If you have a residential smoker, click “Residential Products” in the navigation header. If you have a commercial smoker, click “Commercial Products” in the navigation header.
  2. Next, click “Equipment.” This will take you to a landing page with pictures and descriptions of our smokers on it.
  3. From here, you simply click the title of the smoker you would like to review.
  4. On this page, you will see the smoker, price, details, specs, features and current reviews. Scroll down and under the reviews panel, click “Write A Review.”
  5. Once you have filled out the review form, you can either submit your review or preview what it will look like before submitting.

Not only can you write a review of each of our smokers, pellet grills, charbroilers and pizza oven, but also leave a review on any product we sell on our website. Unless you already know where everything is on our website, the easiest way to get to a product to review is to use the search tool.

How do I write a review for something other than a smoker? (Search Method)

From, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the little magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Enter a search term that describes what you would like to review. For example, if you have the SM025 Smokette Elite Electric Smoker, you can search for “SM025” or “Smokette” or even “Elite.” Another example would be searching for “brisket” if you want to review the brisket rub.
  3. Select the product from the search list.
  4. On this page, you will see the product, price, details, specs, features and current reviews. Scroll down and under the reviews panel, click “Write A Review.”
  5. Once you have filled out the review form, you can either submit your review or preview what it will look like before submitting.

Cookshack Smokers Have Many Uses Including BBQ Competitions!

Cookshack smokers are used by many different types of people and businesses.  One of the groups who are the most passionate and devoted to the art of barbecue are competition cooks and their teams.   Teams from all across the nation use our Fast Eddy™ by Cookshack line of pellet smokers and pellet grills to compete in contests large and small. The unit that is most popular with these teams is the Fast Eddy’s™ by Cookshack FEC100.  With proper management, you can use this one smoker to do all four KCBS categories using this one awesome unit! Check out this video to see how.

FEC100 Pellet Smoker Oven
FEC100 Pellet Smoker Oven

You may wonder how teams who use our equipment perform in contests.  Of course, each week is different, but many of these teams are consistently successful.

Here are a few teams that we wanted to recognize:

Hawg Doctors from Geneseo, NY  – Michael and Andrea Sawyers: They competed for the first time at the American Royal World Series of BBQ Invitational event and placed 15th out of over 170 teams! They own three FEC100 units.

Bill and Lynn Pruchnik: They compete in contests from Massachusetts to Mississippi and have Top 10 places in most of these contests. They use their FEC100 to run their catering and vending business as well.

Cajun Jax Campsite setup
Cajun Jax Campsite setup
Loaded FEC100
Loaded FEC100
The FEC100 will hold a small pig!
They use their FEC100 to hold a small pig!

Hickory and Spice BBQ from Tustin, CA – Rick, Luke, and Andrew Mysse: 2015 was their rookie season competing, and they walked to the Winner’s Circle in 7 out of the 8 contests! They won 1 Grand Championship, 1 Reserve Grand Championship, and three 1st place briskets with one earning a perfect 180 score! They compete with the FEC100 and plan on adding an FEC120 in the future!

Down to Smoke (DTS BBQ) Team from Phoenix, AZ – Phil Johnson and Howard Daley Jr.: Phil the Grill was recently on Chopped – Grillmasters and other team members have appeared on BBQ Pitmasters, BBQ Pit Wars, and other internet talk shows. They were in the Top 10 at the prestigious Memphis in May competition last year.  Phil recently told Cookshack, “I use one of the first FEC100 ever made. It has a lot of championship juices. Lol. Looking forward in using it in some big competes this year.”

Phil the Grill on Chopped Grillmaster uses our FEC100
Phil the Grill participating in Chopped – Grillmasters
Phil the Grill
Phil the Grill with Awards

Porky Butts BBQ from Omaha, NE – Blane Hunter and Erik Christensen: They used an FEC100 and had their best year of competition in 2015.  They earned three Grand Championships, three 1st place chicken calls, two 1st place rib calls, and five 1st place brisket calls.

Porky Butts BBQ and his twin FEC100's
Porky Butts BBQ and his twin FEC100’s

W n W Bar B Q from Kearney, NE – Gary, Marty, and Bill Wendt: They have owned their FEC100 since 2014, and they won three Grand Championships last year in the MWBA circuit. They also placed 10th in the Sam’s Club Regional.  They attended our Competition Cooking Class in December of 2014 and their credit their recent successes to this class and the FEC100.

Cookshack has a competition team that tries to compete in four to five contests a year although last year we only made two contests.  Our team consists of Cookshack President/CEO, Stuart Powell, his daughter Jessica James, Cookshack Continuous Improvement Manager, Butch Flick, and Cookshack Customer Service Rep and KCBS Master Judge, Bill Vice.  When our team manages to get to a competition, we love to visit with as many of our customers as we can.

Cookshack team turning in an entry at the 2013 American Royal
Cookshack team turning in an entry at the 2013 American Royal
Cookshack team prepping at the Cherokee Strip Cookoff. They use the FEC100, PG1000, and FEC500 at this contest. They were the 2015 People's Choice Winner!
Cookshack team prepping at the Cherokee Strip Cookoff. They use the FEC100, PG1000, and FEC500 at this contest. They were the 2015 People’s Choice Winner!

If you are not sure if you want to compete or not, try attending a contest in your area to see what the excitement is all about.  Barbecue folks are friendly; the smoke smells so good, and you will see a variety of smokers and setups! As always, if you need more information about competition barbecue or anything at all, contact Cookshack at 800.423.0698!

Commercial Quality for a Long Life Span

Lifespan of Cookshack Commercial Smokers

Lifespan of Cookshack Commercial Smokers

Lifespan of Cookshack Commercial SmartSmoker® Electric Smokers

  • The overall life of the smoker oven is 30 years.
  • No service call expected the first 7 years.
  • The first item to replace would be the heating element.
  • Replace IQ5 controller at approximately 12 years.
  • Average cost of operating the a SM260 unit is approximately $4/day

IQ5 Controller on SM260
The new IQ5 controller on the SM260

Lifespan of Fast Eddy’s™ by Cookshack Commercial Pellet Fired Smoker Ovens

  • The overall life of the smoker oven is 30 years.
  • No service call expected the first 2 years.
  • The first item to replace would be the igniter.
  • Replace bearings in rotisserie at approximately 5
  • Replace IQ5 controller and a various other parts at approximately 12 years.
  • Average cost of operating the FEC300 unit is approximately $16/day
FEC300 Rotisserie Smoker
FEC300 Rotisserie Smoker

Cookshack Food Grade Wood Pellets used in FEC smokers

Environmentally Friendly

  • Cookshack Pellets are produced from recycled sawdust and no trees are cut to make them.
  • Naturally occurring lignin in the wood binds the pellets into their shape.
  • Not all pellets will produce the same results or are manufactured with the same low environmental impact. Use Cookshack pellets to ensure you are being as green as possible.

Health Department Friendly

  • Pellets are a processed wood product in 20 pound bags that are easily stored indoors or out.
  • They do not create a home for rodents or bugs like are found in wood piles.
  • Clean burning and easy clean to clean. Only 8 oz. of ash is produced for every 40 lbs. of pellets burned unlike messy stick burners.
  • Cookshack pellets are 100% wood, food-grade pellets specifically produced for use with food.

Flavor Friendly

  • Pellets eliminate creosote and gas flavor in the smoked meats.
  • Mix flavors in the pellet hopper to create a signature profile.
  • Multiple flavors of pellets to choose from.

How Can I Increase Profits for My Deli or Meat Market?

How Can I Increase Profits for My Deli or Meat Market? Differentiate and Upgrade your Grocery Store or Supermarket

Receive Thousands of Dollars in New Profit and New Customers

 “What Piece of Equipment Can Do All That?”

  • Cookshack has the perfect commercial smoker model to fit your space and capacity needs.
    • Electric or Pellet-Fired Models
    • Fixed Shelf or Rotisserie
    • For consistency, capacity, return on investment, ease of operation, and maintenance Cookshack smokers are unequaled.
    • Internationally used by thousands of restaurants, caterers, delis, and supermarkets
  • Cookshack smokers will add $50,000 profit per store, every year, and increase profit margins.
    • Competition quality barbecue, ribs, and smoked meat for hot and cold food sales.
    • Unlimited opportunities are available for carry out, catering, and bulk sales.
    • Drive holiday, seasonal, and fund raising sales.
    • Add new customers while improving customer loyalty.
SM160, SM260, SM360
SmartSmoker® Electric Smoker Line

How is this possible?

  • By utilizing Supermarket traffic to offer barbecue, ribs, and smoked meats in the hottest category in foodservice Run daily and store event specials.
  • Consistently produce and offer restaurant quality food that attracts new and current customers and keeps them coming back for more.
  • Reduce meat and seafood departments shrink by over 50% and add a variety of product for maximum consumer. A balanced meat inventory will increase sales.
  • Add or expand a take home a hot meal program and heat-and-serve meats in your cold case. Cold case meats are eligible for purchase with Food Stamps.
  • Smoking ahead for significant events expands smoker capacity. Use for planned store weekend events, catering, tailgating, holidays, and more.
FEC240 loaded with Ribs
FEC240 Loaded with Ribs using the RibRacks

Will this program work in my store?

  • You bet! Our extraordinary expertise will educate and motivate your staff. The quick start training program builds momentum that will achieve optimum potential in the shortest time possible.
  • Placing your order is just the beginning. Contact us at 1.800.423.0698 to start reaching your goals today!

When is the right time to start?

Start adding profit today! Smoked meat is a year round product.

What is the cost of operating a commercial smoker?

Knowing the cost of operating a commercial smoker is important for your business.  It is one of many factors that need to be considered in determining profit margins.  Cookshack smokers and charbroilers are efficient especially when you consider the amount of meat and vegetables that you can smoke during one cook cycle.  There design will not dry or shrink meat and will give you higher yields.

Below are two charts to consider in determining your energy costs using Cookshack commercial equipment.  These are based on average kwh figures and will vary depending on your geographic region.  The wood and pellet costs are based on Cookshack Wood Chunks and Pellets including average shipping costs. The first chart is based on using the equipment at the highest temperature settings available for that unit. This would be the maximum estimated cost you would see using this equipment. The second chart is based on using the equipment at a lower or average rate of temperature for that unit. This would be most likely where the units would operate most of the time.

For the electric smokers, you use electricity to power the controller and unit while the wood is used for flavoring.  In the pellet-fired smokers and charbroiler, electricity is only needed to run the controller, fans, and augers.  The wood pellets provide the heat and flavor.  Consequently, in the electric units the majority of the cost is from electricity and in the pellet-fired units the majority of the cost is from the pellets.

Cost of Operating Cookshack

Commercial Units
*using highest temperature settings 
Electric UnitsElectricityWoodTotal Per HourTotal for 12 Hours
Pellet Fired UnitsElectricityPelletsTotal per HourTotal for 12 Hours
CharbroilersElectricityPelletsTotal per HourTotal for 12 Hours
Cost of Operating Cookshack Commercial Units
*using average temperature settings 
Electric UnitsElectricityWoodTotal Per HourTotal for 12 Hours
Pellet Fired UnitsElectricityPelletsTotal per HourTotal for 12 Hours
CharbroilersElectricityPelletsTotal per HourTotal for 12 Hours

Other ways Cookshack commercial smokers are energy efficient include:

  • Tough double-walled stainless steel interior and exterior construction
  • 850°F Spin-Glas® insulation
  • Quick heat recovery

See the difference a Cookshack commercial smoker or charbroiler can make to your operation. No gas required!

No Gas
You will never need gas lines or tanks when you use Cookshack Smokers or Charbroilers!
barbecue restaurant

Have you thought about opening a catering business, a food truck, or a restaurant?

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Cookshack Offers the Best in the Business Support

Cookshack Support and Warranty

Are you having an issue with your Cookshack smoker and you are not sure where to start? We are here to help you out!

All of our Smokers/Pellet Grills/Pizza Ovens come with the same warranty.

  • 90 day parts and labor – parts will be replaced, and labor will be taken care of at no cost to the customer for the first 90 days of purchase
  • 2 year limited warranty – for the first two years after purchase, parts will be replaced at no cost to the customer, labor is not included after the first 90 days.

For the policies regarding the loss of warranty or voided warranty, please see our full Limited Warranty Policy and our Return Merchandise Policy. 

There is only one step to create a warranty claim.

Contact Cookshack’s Technical Support at 1-800-423-0698 and ask for Bill or Tony. You can also send an email to explaining your issue.

REMINDER: Always contact Technical Support before trying to place a warranty claim. Approval through Cookshack is required before any parts can be sent without cost to the customer.

Getting troubleshooting and technical support after purchasing your unit is easy.  Here are three options depending on your preference:

  • If you have technical skills, call Cookshack and the Cookshack technical support team will go through step-by-step troubleshooting with you over the phone.
  • Call Cookshack’s technical support to assist you in finding one of the 30 technicians we have in our system.
  • Find a service provider by selectin your city and state at Any company with electrical or electronic services will be able to help you with your unit.

There are just a few things to keep in mind when looking at Cookshack warranty.

  • To make claim or request for the Limited Warranty, the original purchaser must notify Cookshack Customer Service for instructions as to the repair or replacement of the defective merchandise prior to attempting or contracting for repair of the oven.
  • The model number and serial number of the Cookshack Smoker Oven must accompany any request for service to the oven.
  • The Limited Warranty will not apply if the merchandise has been improperly installed, damaged due to abuse, misuse, misapplication, accident, or as a result of service or modification by any other than an authorized Cookshack, Inc. service agent.

Need Options for Smoking Foods?

Cold Smoke Kit and RibRack

Do you own a smoker and need more options for smoking foods? Cookshack has the answers you need! We offer a full line of accessories to fit our smokers and grills, including cookbooks, sauces, spice blends, and rubs. These products are designed to make you the best barbecue cook ever! Looking for accessories? All Commercial Smoker Accessories are now on sale for three days starting February 24th and ending February 26th. Use Promo Code: FEB3DAY to save 15% off the regular price when you order online or by phone.

Do you want to make smoked cheeses, lox-style salmon, pork belly, and nuts? We offer the Cold Smoke Kit that will turn your smoker into a cold-smoking machine. The Cookshack Cold Smoke Kit is crafted of stainless steel and contains an insulated baffle, smoke box, and instructions for use. Check out this recipe for cold smoking salmon.



Seafood Grill

Seafood Grill

The Cookshack RibRacks and Seafood Grills are additional options to make it easier to smoke large quantities of ribs, vegetables, and fish. The RibRacks decrease turnaround time in a busy kitchen by speeding up the loading and unloading of slabs of ribs. The seafood grill has a fine mesh to help fine or delicate items fit perfectly in the smoker. Cookshack Jerky Rods, for the electric smoker, are handy for hanging strips of meat in the smoker or to use when making kabobs. For instructional videos and to see these accessories in action, check out the Cookshack YouTube Channel and get inspired!


Meat probe

The Cookshack meat probe is simple to use. Plug in the meat probe into the connector on the IQ Controller, run the cord through the door seal, and attach the end of the probe through the meat. Then just set the temperature on the controller to cook the product to the internal temperature that you need. The smoker oven will automatically drop to a hold temperature once the target temperature has been reached. This really makes smoking any item as simple as possible.

If you have questions about any of these products, please give us a call at 1.800.423.0698, and we will be happy to assist you. Do not delay in ordering any or all of these great accessories designed for Cookshack smokers. The 15% off sale is for three days only! Remember to use Promo Code: FEB3DAY when you place your order. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount!

What are the Requirements for Venting Commercial Smoker Ovens?

Smoke Evacuator for FEC300/500/750

Smoke Evacuator for FEC300/500/750

Cookshack Pellet-Fired Smokers

Ventilation is required for the proper operation of Cookshack commercial smokers. When planning your flue, it is important to remember several factors:

  • It must draw air naturally throughout the flue.
  • Clean the flue every six (6) months.
  • One (1) inch clearance from combustible materials.
  • The flue should not have more than two (2) ninety-degree elbows in it and should not be longer than thirty (30) feet.

A small amount of smoke will escape from the top of the oven and from around the door. Consult your local authorities to determine which method meets your local codes:

  1. A Cookshack Smoke Evacuator can be used to remove the smoke from the Models FEC300SS, FEC500SS, and the FEC750SS. The evacuator consists of a set of louvers that open when the smoker doors are opened. It operates by drawing smoke from inside the oven and venting it out the top of the unit. It requires a ten (10) inch pipe, minimum 24 gauge with mushroom type fan (minimum 280 cfm) mounted on the roof (not provided by Cookshack).  Pipe needs three (3) inches of clearance from combustibles.  The fan must run on a separate electrical circuit from the smoker.  It is the customer’s responsibility to attach an updraft fan to the evacuator to remove the smoke from their building.
  2. The Cookshack Flue Collector is a filtered flue hood that attaches to the flue system that sets over the exhaust tube on the smoker. Some fire marshals require this higher level of exhaust.  The Flue Collector is designed to remove more smoke, grease and ash.  The Cookshack Part Number is PA005.  This is intended for our Models FEC300SS, FEC500SS, and the FEC750SS.
  3. Install the optional Smokehood from Cookshack for Models FEC120 and FEC240 only. The stainless steel Smokehood incorporates a removable grease filter and an exhaust fan. It mounts directly on top of the smoker and removes the smoke vented during ordinary cooking.
  4. For any commercial pellet-fired smoker, adequate makeup air is required for safe operation. It is the responsibility of the smoker owner to maintain essential combustion air at all times during operation of the unit.
    • Maintain positive airflow through the combustion chamber for safe and proper operation of the unit
    • Burner air flow may be affected by one or more of the following factors:
      • Improper flue installation
      • Inadequate makeup air for hood system or exhaust fans
      • Competing hood systems or ventilation in the building
      • Extreme drafts or inadequate clearance



Smokehood for Cookshack Commercial Smoker SM160

PA001 OnSM160

Smokehood attached to the SM160 Cookshack Electric Smoker SM160

PA002 Back

Back view of the PA002 Smokehood for the SM260 Electric Smoker

Cookshack Electric Smokers

Cookshack recommends three (3) primary methods for venting.

  1. Place the smoker oven under a Class 1 or Class 2 hood. For specific details on a Class 2 hood, consult your local authorities. Some regions will have different regulations about hoods and venting.
  1. Direct vent the oven. The oven can be direct vented by using a flue that is a minimum five (5) inches in diameter, type “L” pipe. It is to extend three (3) feet above the highest point where it passes through the roof.  It also needs to be at least two 2 feet higher than any portion of the building within ten (10) feet or in accordance with state and local fire codes.  A rain cap must be utilized on a flue exhaust.
  1. Install the optional Smokehood from Cookshack. The stainless steel Smokehood incorporates a removable grease filter and an exhaust fan. It mounts directly on top of the smoker and removes the smoke vented during ordinary cooking.  Smokehood part numbers PA001, PA002, PA003.

For additional information about Cookshack Commercial Smokers or venting requirements, call Cookshack at 1.800.423.0698.

Food Grade Pellets

Why should you use 100% food-grade wood pellets?

Why should you use 100% food-grade pellets in your pellet grills and smokers?

Cookshack barbecue pellets are made from hardwoods that contain fewer resins and the pellets are produced in a controlled process to ensure a food grade product.  Our food grade pellets are made by pulverizing and drying hardwood sawdust and extruding to an uniform density through a rotating die under enormous heat and pressure (250° F @ 3,000 PSI).  The pellets get their shape from the naturally occurring lignin in the wood.  The pellets are cooled and placed in 20 lb. bags.

Food-Grade Pellet Specifications are:

  • ¼” Diameter
  • ½” – 1” Length
  • 100% Hardwood Content
  • 40-46 lbs/cubic feet Density
  • 6 to 8% Moisture Content
  • 8,000 – 9,000 btu/lb
  • 1% of less Ash Content
  • Bark Free

Food Grade Pellets

Food Grade Pellets

Food grade pellets contain fewer fillers and have less moisture content and ash than pellets used in wood burning stoves and furnaces. Pellets used for stoves and furnaces will also sometimes contain a gluing agent or something to bind the pellets together that is not food grade quality as required by the USDA. Pellets manufactured for wood stoves are available in two grades:  premium and standard.  Standard pellets are made from forest waste and contain branches and bark. You want to look out for bark content because bark content in pellets affects the BTU. Performance quality is vital to get the right results!

Food grade pellets are clean-burning that produce very little ash with a low creosote buildup.

Cookshack offers four food grade pellet flavors (all pellets are 60% oak and 40% flavor, oak pellets are 100% oak wood) in 20 lb. Bags:

  • Hickory – most popular hardwood that gives a sweet, smoky traditional Southern-style flavor
  • Mesquite – has a stronger woody taste and complements duck, lamb and beef
  • Oak – works with pork, red meat, fish, and game meats; it is more subtle than hickory and stronger than fruitwoods.
  • Fruitwood – mixes well with veal, poultry, and pork

Food Grade Wood pellets

Food Grade Wood pellets

Quantity discounts are available.  Pellets are easily obtainable, inexpensive and easy to store as compared to traditional logs.  We recommend storing pellets in a dry well-ventilated area.  Do not store wood pellets near potential ignition sources.

Food grade wood pellets burn more efficiently than raw wood used in stick burner pits.  Wood pellets are a superior cooking technology, providing the best cooking platform for barbecue recipes.

In order to maintain your warranty in Cookshack products, food grade pellets must be used in the units.