BBQ: A Great Takeout Food

While COVID-19 has plenty of people staying home for the summer, many Americans are taking this time to try out unique restaurants they’ve never visited before. If you want your meats to stay a cut above the rest, then it could be time to update your appliances.

Check out some of our top-of-the-line meat smokers that will take your restaurant’s to-go options to the next level.


There’s no better way to serve your takeout than with the delicious taste and smell of a charcoal grill, and Cookshack is proud to announce that we have perfected the charcoal process with our brand-new charbroiler!

Combining the consistent power of gas with our 100% food-grade wood pellets, grill masters can cook all their meats to the desired doneness and serve delicious meals that will have customers coming back for more.


Need to prepare a large amount of smoked meat on the fly for your orders? No problem! Our smartsmoker system can smoke your food at hot or cold temperatures without any drafts drying them out.

It gets better! This system is designed for ultimate cleanliness, with its meat-dripping catch system designed to decrease grease build-up and its wood box easily slides out for quick cleaning! 


Fast Eddy’s is one of our favorite brands here at Cookshack, and with their line of mobile and powerful smoking products, we promise they’ll be one of yours too!

Between the fixed shelf’s quick start-up time at the flip of a switch and Spin-Glas®  insulation providing top-notch heat retention, your meat will be ready for customers to take out as soon as they walk through the door.

Restaurant takeout is more popular than ever, and Cookshack is here to make sure your barbecue joint has the appliances you need to keep up with demand. Visit our website today to see our full line of commercial cookers.

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