4 Reasons Why BBQ Is the Best Takeout Food for Restaurants

Takeout has become an increasingly popular option for many restaurants. Here’s why adding BBQ to your takeout menu is a tasty option your customers will love! 

  1. Embrace the Ultimate Comfort Food

We’ll admit it—we’re a little biased, but we believe that BBQ is the ideal cozy, comfort food for individuals or families to enjoy! With more people ordering takeout now than ever, it’s a classic addition that will entice your customers to place an order. With the increased desire for a convenient culinary experience, customers can treat themselves to a delicious, home-cooked meal, without needing to do the cooking!

  1. Make It a Family Affair

A family-friendly meal that even keeps the kids happy—yes please!? When customers don’t know what to make for dinner, BBQ is the perfect option! Whether you decide to make it a “Family Special” offered on Friday nights or a weekday feature, these combos are sure to inspire some quality family time.  

  1. A Convenient Option

Many people don’t want to put in hours smoking or grilling the perfect, mouthwatering BBQ—they just want to eat it! Adding a barbeque option to your menu allows customers to take advantage of your cooking expertise and professional barbeque equipment so they can savor a delicious meal any night of the week without having to plan and prep for it! 

  1. A Versatile Menu Item

Barbeque is a delicious menu item that can easily be adjusted to suit a theme or promotion. Whether you want to adjust the recipe to fit a specific theme, or change the sides that accompany the meal, it can easily be done with BBQ!

When you’re thinking about widening your repertoire and adding barbeque to your restaurant’s menu, there’s only one team to trust—Cookshack! Visit our website today to check out our smokers and grills.