4 Easy Tips to Make Delicious Sausages in Your New Smoker

This summer has given us some of the sunniest and warmest days we can remember, and these days only get better when you’re enjoying home-made sausages from your very own smoker!

Here are our 4 go-to cooking tips when loading sausage into our smokers.

Fanning and Air-Drying

Air drying is a critical part of the smoking process that many of us forget about, but a properly dried meat can mean a longer fridge life and better preservation for midnight snacking.

To ensure your meat is ready for the smoker, set up a small house fan in front of them for a few minutes before throwing it in.

Go Dark by Adding Paprika

Plating and presentation are just as critical to a good meal as the taste of your meats, but how do you make sure your sausages look their best? Easy, add paprika!

Paprika is a great ingredient because it changes the look of meat as much as the taste. Add 2 tbsps. for every 5 lbs. To get that dark mahogany appearance!

Give Your Links Enough Space

We get it—you want to pile as many sausage links as you can into your smoker because they taste so good! However, did you know that packing too much meat into your smoker can lead to undercooked meals?

When you’re loading up your sausages, make sure that your links are evenly spaced out so the hot air can properly circulate and cook them thoroughly.

Spray With Cool Water When Finished

Everybody loves the sound of simmering meats when they open up their smoker, but leaving sausages at too high a temperature for too long can lead to a fatless and shriveled end result.

Spray the sausages with some cool water when you first remove them from the smoker to lower their internal temperature and seal in the flavor.

Smoking meat is an art that has dated back for thousands of years, and the team at Cookshack is proud to help you carry on this culinary tradition with the best tips and technology possible. Visit our website to see our full selection of industry leading smokers and barbeques.