3 Ways to Celebrate National BBQ Month

May is National BBQ Month, and our team at Cookshack is planning to mark the occasion with gusto. Whether you’re a professional or a newbie, this is a great month to go all-in on delicious dishes—challenge yourself to master a new element of the process or embrace the spirit of the season with a relaxed, BBQ-centered gathering. Need inspiration? These are our three favorite ways to celebrate.

1. Try a New Sauce or Spice Rub

National BBQ Month is the perfect time to broaden your flavor horizons. A new sauce or spice rub brings a new dimension to a weekday dinner or a weekend gathering with friends. If you usually go with a sweet and savory rub, try a spice blend with bold Mexican spices. Are you a dry-rub diehard? Branch out into wet rubs that use mustard, honey, or vinegar. Venturing away from your tried-and-true spices and sauces is a fantastic way to find new combinations and reinvigorate your love of BBQ—just in time for summer!

2. Learn a New BBQ Skill

Every BBQ master knows that creating a juicy BBQ dish is equal parts art and science. Take your briskets and ribs to the next level by learning a new skill for National BBQ Month. If you’ve never tried a microplane, use the tool with garlic or shallots to add a jolt of flavor at the end of the BBQ process. Are you all about beef and pork? Celebrate this month by experimenting with beer-can chicken, trying out different lagers and IPAs to find the right blend of hops and flavors.

3. Host a Friends and Family BBQ

There’s no question—BBQ is best when it’s shared. Bring a bit of fun to National BBQ Month by hosting a celebration for your family and friends. It’s a great way to show off the new flavors and skills you’ve discovered throughout the month. The trick to a successful gathering is to keep your focus on the main course; let your guests bring the side dishes. That way everyone gets the chance to try something new, and you can all kick off the summer season right.

After a long winter, National BBQ Month is a fun way to bid farewell to cooler weather and celebrate all things BBQ! Do you want to celebrate this month in style? Check out our selection of spices and rubs to give your BBQ some extra OOMF. Purchase our 5-pack spice kit which includes all of our customer favorites—a 20 oz bottle of Signature Barbecue Sauce, 10 oz shaker bottles of RibRub and Brisket Rub, 13 oz shaker bottle of Spicy Chicken Rub, and an 8 oz shaker bottle of Chili Mix. Have trouble finding the right products for you? Give Cookshack a call, or fill out our contact form.