3 Tips for the Perfect Wood Fired Pizza

With the fall weather approaching, there’s nothing better than a cozy meal you can enjoy with friends and family. Check out our top 3 tips you ‘knead’ to know for creating the perfect wood-fired pizza!

Dough’s and Don’ts

The first step to a great pizza is having the right dough recipe! Remember, not all recipes are created equal. Make sure to tailor your recipe to your cooking method since the type of pizza dough that works well in a gas oven won’t cook the same way in a wood-fired oven that’s hundreds of degrees hotter. 

We recommend that your dough has less sugar because it tends to bake quicker at high temperatures, giving the appearance that the crust is done when it’s actually not. 

Cheesy Choices

Another key component is to choose the right type of cheese. The moisture content of a cheese is important because it will brown differently depending on the temperature and oven type. A fresh, higher-moisture mozzarella will give your pizza that authentic Neapolitan taste and style. 

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold…

Ensuring that your pizza’s crust and toppings are evenly-cooked is both an art and a science that includes carefully regulating the ingredients, time, and temperature. Take time to understand how the heat is distributed within the oven to achieve a consistent temperature and space out the wood to allow more air in. 

Most conventional wood-fired ovens require at least 3 hours of prep time to ensure that they’re hot enough to properly cook your pizza. Thankfully, the Cookshack Wood Fired Pizza Oven cuts this time in half with advanced technology that delivers brick-oven flavor with the press of a button.

This oven ranges in temperature from 170-900°F allowing you to embrace your inner chef and create pizzas, calzones, quesadillas, stromboli, desserts, and more! With its convenient size, there’s no need to leave it outside or remodel your entire kitchen—it can be installed under a standard commercial hood! 

Pizzas are the perfect meal for any evening, but the real fun is making them with your family and friends. Visit our website to find more great Cookshack recipes or give our team a call at (800) 423-0698 to learn more about our selection of pizza ovens and accessories.