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What are the Requirements for Venting Commercial Smoker Ovens?

Smoke Evacuator for FEC300/500/750

Smoke Evacuator for FEC300/500/750






Cookshack Pellet-Fired Smokers

Ventilation is required for the proper operation of Cookshack commercial smokers. When planning your flue, it is important to remember several factors:

  • It must draw air naturally throughout the flue.
  • Clean the flue every six (6) months.
  • One (1) inch clearance from combustible materials.
  • The flue should not have more than two (2) ninety-degree elbows in it and should not be longer than thirty (30) feet.

A small amount of smoke will escape from the top of the oven and from around the door. Consult your local authorities to determine which method meets your local codes:

  1. A Cookshack Smoke Evacuator can be used to remove the smoke from the Models FEC300SS, FEC500SS, and the FEC750SS. The evacuator consists of a set of louvers that open when the smoker doors are opened. It operates by drawing smoke from inside the oven and venting it out the top of the unit. It requires a ten (10) inch pipe, minimum 24 gauge with mushroom type fan (minimum 280 cfm) mounted on the roof (not provided by Cookshack).  Pipe needs three (3) inches of clearance from combustibles.  The fan must run on a separate electrical circuit from the smoker.  It is the customer’s responsibility to attach an updraft fan to the evacuator to remove the smoke from their building.
  2. The Cookshack Flue Collector is a filtered flue hood that attaches to the flue system that sets over the exhaust tube on the smoker. Some fire marshals require this higher level of exhaust.  The Flue Collector is designed to remove more smoke, grease and ash.  The Cookshack Part Number is PA005.  This is intended for our Models FEC300SS, FEC500SS, and the FEC750SS.
  3. Install the optional Smokehood from Cookshack for Models FEC120 and FEC240 only. The stainless steel Smokehood incorporates a removable grease filter and an exhaust fan. It mounts directly on top of the smoker and removes the smoke vented during ordinary cooking.
  4. For any commercial pellet-fired smoker, adequate makeup air is required for safe operation. It is the responsibility of the smoker owner to maintain essential combustion air at all times during operation of the unit.
    • Maintain positive airflow through the combustion chamber for safe and proper operation of the unit
    • Burner air flow may be affected by one or more of the following factors:
      • Improper flue installation
      • Inadequate makeup air for hood system or exhaust fans
      • Competing hood systems or ventilation in the building
      • Extreme drafts or inadequate clearance



Smokehood for Cookshack Commercial Smoker SM160

PA001 OnSM160

Smokehood attached to the SM160 Cookshack Electric Smoker SM160

PA002 Back

Back view of the PA002 Smokehood for the SM260 Electric Smoker







Cookshack Electric Smokers

Cookshack recommends three (3) primary methods for venting.

  1. Place the smoker oven under a Class 1 or Class 2 hood. For specific details on a Class 2 hood, consult your local authorities. Some regions will have different regulations about hoods and venting.
  1. Direct vent the oven. The oven can be direct vented by using a flue that is a minimum five (5) inches in diameter, type “L” pipe. It is to extend three (3) feet above the highest point where it passes through the roof.  It also needs to be at least two 2 feet higher than any portion of the building within ten (10) feet or in accordance with state and local fire codes.  A rain cap must be utilized on a flue exhaust.
  1. Install the optional Smokehood from Cookshack. The stainless steel Smokehood incorporates a removable grease filter and an exhaust fan. It mounts directly on top of the smoker and removes the smoke vented during ordinary cooking.  Smokehood part numbers PA001, PA002, PA003.

For additional information about Cookshack Commercial Smokers or venting requirements, call Cookshack at 1.800.423.0698.


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Update or expand your commercial smoker!

2014 is almost over, but it is not too late to update your commercial kitchen equipment with a new smoker.  Maybe you need to add capacity to grow your business, then adding an another unit makes sense.  Cookshack has smoker models to fit your business needs with fixed shelf and rotissiere units available.

SM160, SM260, SM360

SmartSmoker® Electric Smoker Line

Cookshack has three models in the SmartSmoker® electric smoker line.  The SM160, SM260, and SM360 use wood chunks to add delicious smoke flavor. They feature digital controllers with time, temperature and holding features, 24-hour-a-day operating capability, are solidly built from stainless steel and are surrounded by 850°F Spin-Glass® insulation.  The units have a capacity of 120 to 550 pounds.  Need an easy to use unit that is dependable, then you should consider a Cookshack SmartSmoker® electric smoker.

FEC Smokers

Fast Eddy’s™ by Cookshack Pellet Fired Smokers

Are you looking for a deeper smoke flavor?  Then the Fast Eddy’s™ by Cookshack line of commercial smokers might be what you are looking for.  Cookshack is the only manufacturer of 100% wood-burning pellet-fired commercial smokers!  They do not require gas or logs!  These units are easy to install and operate, just plug into a standard 120 VAC to run the controller and augers and let the wood pellets do the rest of the work.  These units are NSF and USDA approved and Warnock Hersey and ETL Listed Commercial Cooking Equipment in USA and Canada.  They auto-start with a fifteen minute heat recovery, are available in fixed shelf or rotisserie versions.  These units can be used outside or inside with adequate ventilation required of commercial cooking equipment.   Contact the Cookshack sales or customer service teams for more information on venting requirements.

Cookshack smokers are used in restaurants,  country clubs, delis, food trucks, meat markets, convenience stores and concessionaires all across the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.  Cookshack is here to solve your problems and help you grow your business.  Cookshack wants to be your source for making great barbecue and smoked foods. We want your business to be a success because we view business as a relationship that benefits both parties.  We hope you will decide to do business with us!