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Perfect Gift Idea for the Holidays!


Christmas Bow

Wrap up a Cooskhack Smoker or Pellet Grill this Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Cookshack! Need an idea for a great gift for someone special in your life?  How about a Cookshack smoker or pellet grill?  Make them a BBQ genius with our easy to use smokers and pellets grills!  Now until December 17th you can save 10% off the list price of any Cookshack residential electric smoker, Fast Eddy’s™ by Cookshack FEC100 pellet-fired smoker or pellet grills. That is a savings of up to $419!  Best of all, these units feature the best in the industry no-risk 30-day money back guarantee.


The Smokette (SM009-2), the Smokette Elite (SM025), the Super Smoker Elite (SM045) and the AmeriQue (SM066) are the electric smokers that make it easy to add real wood smoke to your foods!  They are inexpensive to operate and energy efficient.   Cooking capacities range from 20 pounds to 50 pounds so we have a unit to fit any need you may have!

Cookshack Residential Electric Smoker Line

The residential smoker line

The PG1000 and PG500 pellet grills feature 4-zone cooking and pellet broil technology.  They feature a direct zone that sears up to 800°F, two indirect zones for low and slow traditional barbecue smoking and a cold-smoke and warming drawer zone that is about one half of the set temperature.  The possibilities are endless with these commercial grade quality built smoker and grill in one.



PG1000 Zones

Direct and Indirect Zones on the Pellet Grills






The FEC100 is the choice of many championship BBQ teams and is guaranteed to hold enough barbecue for all your friends and family! The pellet heat is controlled by a fully automated wood pellet system that produces very little ash.  It features double-walled construction surrounding 850° F Spin-Glas® insulation for superior heat retention and fuel savings.

FEC100 with four shelves

The FEC100 features 4 nickel-plated steel 23″ x 17″ shelves










To order online just use the Promo Code:  HOHOHO14 when you checkout at www.cookshack.com or call Cookshack at 1.800.423.0698 and tell our friendly sales staff you want the HOHOHO14 deal you heard about on this blog!  With a Cookshack smoker or pellet grill you can celebrate BBQ every day!  Hurry because this deal ends Wednesday, December 17thFrom all of us here at Cookshack may your days be merry and bright!


Charbroiler in Action

How is a Cookshack Charbroiler Different than Commercial Kitchen Grills?

How is a Cookshack Charbroiler different from most commercial kitchen grills?

Commercial grills are designed to cook foods at high temperatures using a griddle surface or cast iron grills.  Grills or charbroilers are common to most commercial kitchen operations.  To take your commercial kitchen from common or ordinary to flavorful and extraordinary, use a patented Cookshack Charbroiler.  The stainless steel Cookshack Charbroiler has unique features that will give your food the smoky wood-grilled flavor that your customers will love.

One difference is the Cookshack Charbroiler requires no gas lines or propane tanks.   The heavy-duty Cookshack Charbroiler is 100% wood-fired using food grade pellets.

Cookshack Commercial Charbroilers

Available in 24″, 36″ and 48″ sizes


48" Charbroiler under a hood at TS Fork Restaurant

48″ Charbroiler under a hood at TS Fork Restaurant

Chicken, ribs and steaks on the Cookshack Charbroiler

The Charbroiler uses wood pellets to add wood flavor to chicken, ribs, steaks and much more.




The pellets are introduced into the firepot by an auger that requires a small amount of electricity to operate.  The electronically controlled system knows exactly when to add pellets to keep the temperature consistent.  The front, middle and back of the heavy duty cast iron grates distribute heat evenly for consistent grill marks each time.

With three temperature settings that range from 250°F on low to 700°F on high, the Cookshack Charbroiler is easy to operate and control.  No special training is needed for the kitchen staff so your cooks and chefs can concentrate on the quality of the food and not controlling the fire or heat.he pellets waft wood smoke over your steaks, burgers, and seafood cooked on the Cookshack Charbroiler that is not possible when using a gas or electric grill.  Using pellets not only adds flavor to the food you prepare but pellets also burn down cleanly.  Typically, the pellets leave less than 3% ash content in a convenient pull out drawer that is easily accessible.  Cleaning the heavy duty cast iron grates is easy when you use the included specially designed tool to remove the grates.

Another great feature of the Cookshack Charbroiler is the convenience of being able to plug it into a standard receptacle to use at an outside patio.  No need for gas lines or propane tanks.  Just roll it into place, inside or outside, and it is ready to go.  Many customers build it into an outdoor kitchen so their customers can experience the food being prepared alfresco.  Caterers use the Cookshack Charbroiler at off-premise jobs, so the food is hot and fresh.

Available in 24”, 36” or 48” models, consider adding a Cookshack Charbroiler to your commercial kitchen to turn your operation into a smoking success!