Starting Your Own Restaurant

A new restaurant business requires plenty of planning, attention to details, and commitment toward quality and success to be successful.

First of all, determine what the main concept of your restaurant will be. For example, will it be a causal family restaurant or a high-end elegant restaurant? You will need to research the potential location to see what will work in that area. For example, a location like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills would probably not have a moderately priced, casual family restaurant.

Outline your restaurant’s menu, and define its specialties. Identify how your restaurant will meet the area’s needs, such as offering catering or being the only authentic Italian cuisine restaurant in town.

Create business plan for your restaurant. This plan should include the restaurant’s concept and type of menu, as described above. Then create a budget to determine the required startup costs and funding requirements.

It’s time for paperwork! Apply for the required vending and restaurant licenses, according to your city’s ordinances. Secure a commercial insurance policy that provides protection and liability coverage for the business, its customers, and staff.

Now for a fun part. Create a delicious menu that engages with potential customers reading it. One of the first things a customer looks at before deciding to eat at a restaurant is the menu. The best menus have “personality” and are a visual representation of your restaurant’s cuisine. Don’t make the menu boring. For example, instead of merely “Spaghetti” on your menu, you can call it Grandpa Mateo’s Famous Spaghetti.

Purchase or lease your restaurant’s equipment, inventory, furniture and fixtures. Set up the restaurant interior so that the kitchen/staff areas are efficient and the customer area has “atmosphere.” Employ effective interior design using the appropriate colors, decorations, and props. Atmosphere is very important in a restaurant, reflecting not only the type of cuisine you are serving but also imparting a sense of well-being to your customers.

Hire staff for your business. Background checks are important and you want the people working for you to have a sense of loyalty. Treat them well and they will treat the customers well!

Ok, now we’re ready to get this puppy off the ground. Advertise and advertise well in local papers, both print and online. There’s no such thing as too much exposure. Social media is also an efficient way of getting the word out about your new restaurant. Now that your advertising has stirred the public’s interest, you’re ready to open your doors and start making money.

Bon appetite!

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