What is the difference between a commercial and a consumer smoker?

There are various things that can come into play in order to answer this question. If you are looking at a residential style smoker that is being built for a strictly residential application you are going to find that is contains smaller wire and lighter relays than a commercial unit. Consumer models have a standard grading on wiring, which is similar to the wiring in your house. It is not considered a commercial product so if you use it in a commercial setting you are going to be putting yourself at risk because of liability issues. Another difference is that some consumer smokers are not eligible for use in barbecue competitions.

Commercial grade smokers must pass rigorous tests and standards in order to get the certifications necessary to pass inspections. In a commercial grade smoker for commercial use, you should see certifications. A listing with NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, is concerned with whether or not the equipment can cook food in a manner that is going to be safe for the people eating it. Another certitication is the ETL, according to the ETL website “Certification marks – like the ETL Listed Mark – demonstrate compliance to the requirements of widely accepted product safety standards, as determined through independent testing and periodic follow-up inspections by an NRTL. It is the quality of customer service and of the capabilities provided by the testing laboratory issuing each certification mark that sets them apart.” A final certification that you will see in a commercial smoker is from the USDA. Commercial units are designed to work 24/7 so they have heavier relays and wiring to hold up to the heavy use environment. They also feature optional equipment such as smokehoods and smoke evacuators that make them compliant in certain commercial applications. Cookshack pellet fired smokers and charbroilers are certified for use in barbecue competitions.

All Cookshack commericial units are NSF, ETL, UL and USDA certified and approved. The Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack smokers are also certified Warnonck-Hershey listed in USA and Canada. At Cookshack, the consumer and commercial smokers feature many of the exact same components. They both have Spin-Glas® insulation rated for 850°F. They use the same stainless steel and welded construction. They both feature controllers but the commercial units have more options. We do not go to the expense in our consumer smokers to have them listed by the NSF because the requirements for that listing are not necessary for a consumer unit.

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