What is a commercial meat smoker?

A commercial meat smoker is a smoker oven that prepares a large quantity of meat or vegetables for a restaurant, catering business, deli, meat market or other commercial kitchen application. It is commercial barbecue smoker that you would put inside of your business to a smoke large quantities of meat. It would allow you to feed a large number of consumers. Cookshack has different sizes of commercial meat smokers, the smallest commercial meat smoker we have is the SM160. The SM160 will hold one hundred pounds of meat. The largest unit that we manufacture is the FEC750, which holds up to 750 pounds of meat. Cookshack has a size to fit any need that you might have. These units vent smoke, and the smoke must be evacuated from your building.

A smoker to cook meat can be varied; one style is designed more for cold-smoking that is combined with a refrigerator. These are typically used for cold-smoking salmon. A traditional meat smoker is a hot-smoker that cooks and smokes at the same time. It is important for traditional barbecue that you use a smoker that can put the flavor of smoke from wood in the meat. You will find in some smokehouses that they spray liquid smoke on the meat that does give you the traditional flavor. You need something that will burn wood, produces smoke, with a consistent good flavor.
It should be able to handle pork, poultry, sausage, beef, duck, fish and shellfish, game meats and lamb equally well. Whether you use a fixed shelf or rotisserie style unit depends on what type and quantities of meat it will be smoking.
A commercial meat smoker should have a large capacity and be approved and certified from the USDA, NSF, and ETL. Wiring has to be at a commercial standard or code and be able to handle a larger amp load.

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