What is a commercial electric smoker?

A commercial electric smoker is one that the fuel source is electricity using a heating element. Wood chunks or chips introduce smoke and are for flavoring only. It uses a standard wall outlet found in commercial kitchen applications. An electric unit uses soft heat which creates a moist environment. Commonly found in mom and pop diners, food trucks, catering, barbecue restaurants, fine dining restaurants, delis, meat markets, commissaries and cafeterias.

Commercial units should have listings with ETL, USDA and NSF. Check to make sure the smoker is rated for commercial use in a processing plant and a restaurant setting. It needs to a higher quality than a consumer grade smoker, and it needs to be able to run 24/7. For example, heavy cuts like brisket and pork shoulder need to be started in an electric smoker in the evening and cook overnight so it will be ready for service the next day. This will allow you room to smoke the smaller cuts, like ribs and chicken, during the day.
Cookshack commercial electric smoker models are the SmartSmoker Series. There are three models available to meet any need. The smallest unit the SM160 holds up to 120 pounds and the largest unit the SM360 holds up to 550 pounds of product. These models are electronically controlled with cook and hold capabilities, double walled stainless steel interior and exterior construction, and 850°F Spin-Glas® insulation for superior heat retention, fuel savings and maximum cooking performance. They are workhorses that can run 24 hours a day. They use about 1 pound of wood for every 60 pounds of product smoke cooked for a low-cost barbecue solution.

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