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Are You Eating Seafood during Lent?

Are you eating seafood during the Lenten season?  Let Cookshack make it easier for you!  Our product feature of the month is our Seafood Grill.  Save 15% off the regular price of our Seafood Grills March 24 – 26th, 2015!  Just use Promo Code:  MARCH when your order online or call in your order to one of our friendly sales professionals.  Call toll-free at 1.800.423.0698.

Smoked shrimp, trout, catfish, salmon, and tilapia are so moist and delicious when cooked in a Cookshack smoker.  Our Seafood Grill is the perfect companion to our smokers and pellet grills, so you do not lose one tasty morsel.  The Seafood Grill comes in three sizes depending on the unit you own.

  • PV019 fits SM009-2
  • PV009 fits SM025, SM045, SM066
  • PV018 fits PG500, PG1000

Seafood Grill

These grills are also great for smoking small vegetables and nuts.  Check out our Cooking Guide on our website for great recipes for smoked or grilled fish, vegetables and nuts.  The Cookshack YouTube channel shows these seafood grills in action.

Hurry this offer will not last long!  To order click or call today (1.800.423.0698) to take advantage of 15% off savings for the Cookshack Seafood Grill.  Remember to mention the Promo Code MARCH and that you read about the offer on this blog!