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Why Does Your Business Need a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

The quality of your oven might not seem like a central component of your business. It might seem safe to assume that the ingredients and recipes are much more important. It sounds simple, right? In fact, the type of oven that you use has a huge impact on the quality of your pizza. A regular oven might simply heat your pizza, but a wood-fired oven can take an average pizza and turn it into a crispy, restaurant-quality delicacy.

What Makes Wood-fired Pizza Ovens So Unique?

Wood-fired pizza ovens don’t just cook your pizza—they enhance the flavor and texture with the natural wood smoke used to heat the interior. While a regular oven might use electric or gas power, a wood-fired oven uses real wood to infuse your pizza with an all-natural smoky flavor.

It’s like buying a pizza at an authentic, family-owned restaurant in Italy. Even if you make your pizza by hand, a regular oven might give your pizza a bland, artificial taste that you associate with frozen pizzas. Wood-fired ovens are the real deal.

Wood-fired ovens also enhance the texture and quality of your pizza. When you bake your pizza in a wood-fired oven, the heat makes the crust dry and crispy while the ingredients stay juicy and flavorful. If you cook your pizza in a traditional oven, you might notice that the crust tends to lie flat. A wood-fired oven makes the crust rise and bubble for that perfect homemade appearance.

When you think of a wood-fired oven, you might think about a barbecue smoker that takes hours to cook the meat. Wood-fired ovens are the exact opposite. You can cook your pizza in just a few minutes or less and still infuse it with a delicious smoky flavor. If your dining room is packed, you can deliver hot food to your customers as quickly as possible.

Where Can You Buy a Wood-fired Pizza Oven?

Cookshack Inc sells high-quality wood-fired pizza ovens directly to restaurants and business owners. For your convenience, you can order our ovens and other kitchen appliances online. Our wood-fired pizza ovens can cook just about any pizza in three minutes or less. They’re made specifically with restaurant owners in mind, so you know you’re getting the perfect oven for your fast-paced business.

Can You Use a Smoker to Smoke Seafood?

When most people think about smoked meats, they likely picture a traditional barbecue with ribs and brisket or the simpler hamburgers, brats, and hot dogs. Some people enjoy smoked bacon or pork sausage for that classic Sunday brunch. However, many people don’t realize that you can smoke seafood in your smoker to create a delicious homemade flavor!

What Are the Benefits of Smoking Seafood?

Many only know two ways to cook seafood: grilling and frying. Smoking seafood though opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Just like barbecue, you can experiment with different types of wood to bring out different flavors. For fish, some experts recommend using hickory, apple, or cherry. You can also try different sauces and brines to enhance the complex flavors of salmon, tuna, and other types of seafood.

Smoked seafood is also a healthier alternative to the traditional barbecue. Most people prefer smoked red meat, which can be loaded with fat, cholesterol, and calories. Seafood is leaner, healthier, and bursting with delicious flavor. When you serve smoked seafood, you can throw a classic backyard barbecue that’s easier on the arteries, and still delight the palate of your guests.

What Kinds of Seafood Can You Smoke?

You can smoke a wide variety of seafood, although the smoky flavor complements some types of seafood better than others. Popular smoked seafood recipes include ones featuring salmon, tuna, shrimp, oysters, halibut, catfish, scallops, tilapia, and clams. Your smoked seafood could be the main entrée or part of another dish like a creamy clam chowder.

Once you’ve mastered the art of smoking seafood, you can add different vegetables, herbs, and spices to your dishes and see how they complement the smoky flavor profile. Looking to get adventurous?—experiment with different sauces and rubs that are made specifically for smoked meat.

How Do You Smoke Seafood?

Smoking seafood is an easy and rewarding experience. You can prepare smoked seafood just like you would other meats in a regular smoker from Cookshack. We sell a wide range of smokers for both home and commercial use. Simply add the wood to the smoker, then let the meat cook for several hours so that it absorbs the delicious smoky flavor!

In addition to smokers, we also sell sauces, rubs, cookbooks, wood chunks, wood pellets, replacement parts, and other supplies that you need for a successful cookout. 

We do more than residential cookers, we have commercial products that are built with large restaurants in mind as well—browse our selection of commercial smokers. Have questions, contact us today for expert advice.

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4 Reasons Why BBQ Is the Best Takeout Food for Restaurants

Takeout has become an increasingly popular option for many restaurants. Here’s why adding BBQ to your takeout menu is a tasty option your customers will love! 

  1. Embrace the Ultimate Comfort Food

We’ll admit it—we’re a little biased, but we believe that BBQ is the ideal cozy, comfort food for individuals or families to enjoy! With more people ordering takeout now than ever, it’s a classic addition that will entice your customers to place an order. With the increased desire for a convenient culinary experience, customers can treat themselves to a delicious, home-cooked meal, without needing to do the cooking!

  1. Make It a Family Affair

A family-friendly meal that even keeps the kids happy—yes please!? When customers don’t know what to make for dinner, BBQ is the perfect option! Whether you decide to make it a “Family Special” offered on Friday nights or a weekday feature, these combos are sure to inspire some quality family time.  

  1. A Convenient Option

Many people don’t want to put in hours smoking or grilling the perfect, mouthwatering BBQ—they just want to eat it! Adding a barbeque option to your menu allows customers to take advantage of your cooking expertise and professional barbeque equipment so they can savor a delicious meal any night of the week without having to plan and prep for it! 

  1. A Versatile Menu Item

Barbeque is a delicious menu item that can easily be adjusted to suit a theme or promotion. Whether you want to adjust the recipe to fit a specific theme, or change the sides that accompany the meal, it can easily be done with BBQ!

When you’re thinking about widening your repertoire and adding barbeque to your restaurant’s menu, there’s only one team to trust—Cookshack! Visit our website today to check out our smokers and grills. 

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Why You Should Open Up a Ghost Kitchen

A ghost kitchen, also known as a commissary kitchen, is a kitchen equipped to prepare delivery-only meals. Many restaurants are now using a ghost kitchen to prepare restaurant-quality meals for on-the-go dining.

If you are thinking of opening up a ghost kitchen of your own, there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, you will need to decide what type of cuisine you will be specializing in.

Depending on what type of food you will be preparing, you will need specific equipment to cook certain foods. For example, if you will be cooking and serving BBQ cuisine, you will need a professional-quality smoker and grill. You will also likely need a deep fryer so you can serve traditional sides such as French fries with your main course of BBQ meats.

Open the Right Shop and Serve Food Customers Are Craving

If you are pretty confident in your recipes and cooking skills, your competition shouldn’t scare you. A ghost kitchen is easier to start up since there aren’t as many costs to open the doors. It is also possible to get up-and-running in as quickly as a week rather than months.

The Benefits of a Ghost Kitchen

There are several benefits to running a ghost kitchen. For one, your ghost kitchen can be located anywhere, so you don’t have to foot the bill for high rent to be centrally located.

You also get to avoid all of the costs that come with accommodating a dining room such as tables, chairs, high rent for the additional space, and wages for front-of-house staff.

There is also a very high demand for delivery food, so you don’t have to “sell” your product. The money you save by not setting up a physical restaurant can be invested in other potential income streams such as marketing campaigns and digital branding.

Starting up a ghost kitchen is a great investment. If you’re looking for a BBQ smoker to start your ghost kitchen, reach out to us at Cookshack Inc!

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Get The Greatest Grilling Gifts This Christmas

Buying the right Christmas gift is tricky, but buying the right grilling gift for a BBQ aficionado is a whole other ball game. So, if you know someone who loves to grill but seems to have it all and you’re looking to buy them something special this Christmas—or you’re just stumped for ideas—look no further! Cookshack has a range of unique and innovative grill-tastic options that’ll do the trick. 

Here are some tips on what to get your favorite grill master this holiday season:

Pellet Grills

If you know someone who says there’s nothing more peaceful than grilling, maybe you should try looking at Fast Eddy’s Pellet Grill. It’s the only pellet grill on the market that uses charbroiling technology. 

If you’d like the smokiness of a charbroiler with the flavor control of a traditional grill, this could be the perfect addition to your patio or garage. Give your loved ones the joy of a delicious backyard barbecue and the warm hug that only comfort food can bring. Besides, if done right, grilling can be healthier than a lot of other cooking methods. 


If they already have a grill, why not try the original home-smoker that started it all? This electric smoker is easy to load, clean, and is incredibly portable. While you’re at it, take a look at Cookshack’s entire catalog of smokers. This option may just be what they’re missing. 

BBQ Essentials

If your friend or family member already has an impressive grilling setup, then why not throw in some of Cookshack’s classic BBQ essentials, like Fast Eddy’s Championship Seasoning. Whether you make it an add-on to your Christmas gift or a stocking stuffer, it’s sure to delight any recipient. 


Here’s an option for the newer cooks out there—if your favorite chef is just starting out, why not look at this incredible cookbook for beginners? It has a mix of traditional recipes as well as gourmet wood-smoked dishes.  

Everyone can agree that there are few things more beloved than a cookout. So, if your loved one enjoys grilling, show them some love this Christmas by giving them the gift of a KC-style barbecue made easy. Check out Cookshack to make smokin’ simple. 

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How to Smoke a Delicious Turkey

This Thanksgiving, surprise your family with the best-smoked turkey they’ve ever had. Turkey is the holiday staple at most Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables. Smoked food is slow-cooked, and slow cooking food helps it remain tender, soft, and succulent while also retaining the maximum amount of flavor.

Cooking a turkey properly is a little trickier than smaller birds like chicken or duck, but don’t let that deter you. Even if you have never smoked a turkey before, you can use these tips to smoke a succulent bird that your tastebuds will love.  

How Do You Smoke Turkey?

The first step to a deliciously smoked turkey is having the right tools for the job. Electric smokers and pellet grills from Cookshack are designed to give you mouth-watering meats with each and every use. 

  • Select a skinned, mid-sized bird of 10-12 pounds.
  • Rub it with butter and spices and brine it for 48 hours.
  • Remove the turkey from the fridge, and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes before placing it in a hot smoker or grill at 250°F.
  • Continue with the process for up to 10 hours, or until the turkey’s center reaches 180°F. If you are smoking a bigger bird, expect a longer cooking time.

Here are some delicious and straightforward methods to brine your turkey:

  • Smoked turkey is delightful to taste even without adding too much seasoning. Beginners can taste success by merely coating the turkey with salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder.
  • If you want to try something more ‘gourmet,’ you can fill the breast cavity with apples, onion, garlic, lemons, and aromatic spices so that your turkey full of flavor.

For a more in-depth guide on smoking your next bird, check out our guide to Turkey 101. Not a turkey family? No problem! Check out our recipes page for tips and guides on how to prepare your family’s favorite meats for your next holiday meal.   

Cookshack is proud to provide quality smokers, grills, and accessories that make every celebration a little more delicious. Get in touch with us or visit our website and learn more about how our products can transform your next holiday meal. 

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3 Tips for the Perfect Wood Fired Pizza

With the fall weather approaching, there’s nothing better than a cozy meal you can enjoy with friends and family. Check out our top 3 tips you ‘knead’ to know for creating the perfect wood-fired pizza!

Dough’s and Don’ts

The first step to a great pizza is having the right dough recipe! Remember, not all recipes are created equal. Make sure to tailor your recipe to your cooking method since the type of pizza dough that works well in a gas oven won’t cook the same way in a wood-fired oven that’s hundreds of degrees hotter. 

We recommend that your dough has less sugar because it tends to bake quicker at high temperatures, giving the appearance that the crust is done when it’s actually not. 

Cheesy Choices

Another key component is to choose the right type of cheese. The moisture content of a cheese is important because it will brown differently depending on the temperature and oven type. A fresh, higher-moisture mozzarella will give your pizza that authentic Neapolitan taste and style. 

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold…

Ensuring that your pizza’s crust and toppings are evenly-cooked is both an art and a science that includes carefully regulating the ingredients, time, and temperature. Take time to understand how the heat is distributed within the oven to achieve a consistent temperature and space out the wood to allow more air in. 

Most conventional wood-fired ovens require at least 3 hours of prep time to ensure that they’re hot enough to properly cook your pizza. Thankfully, the Cookshack Wood Fired Pizza Oven cuts this time in half with advanced technology that delivers brick-oven flavor with the press of a button.

This oven ranges in temperature from 170-900°F allowing you to embrace your inner chef and create pizzas, calzones, quesadillas, stromboli, desserts, and more! With its convenient size, there’s no need to leave it outside or remodel your entire kitchen—it can be installed under a standard commercial hood! 

Pizzas are the perfect meal for any evening, but the real fun is making them with your family and friends. Visit our website to find more great Cookshack recipes or give our team a call at (800) 423-0698 to learn more about our selection of pizza ovens and accessories.

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4 Easy Tips to Make Delicious Sausages in Your New Smoker

This summer has given us some of the sunniest and warmest days we can remember, and these days only get better when you’re enjoying home-made sausages from your very own smoker!

Here are our 4 go-to cooking tips when loading sausage into our smokers.

Fanning and Air-Drying

Air drying is a critical part of the smoking process that many of us forget about, but a properly dried meat can mean a longer fridge life and better preservation for midnight snacking.

To ensure your meat is ready for the smoker, set up a small house fan in front of them for a few minutes before throwing it in.

Go Dark by Adding Paprika

Plating and presentation are just as critical to a good meal as the taste of your meats, but how do you make sure your sausages look their best? Easy, add paprika!

Paprika is a great ingredient because it changes the look of meat as much as the taste. Add 2 tbsps. for every 5 lbs. To get that dark mahogany appearance!

Give Your Links Enough Space

We get it—you want to pile as many sausage links as you can into your smoker because they taste so good! However, did you know that packing too much meat into your smoker can lead to undercooked meals?

When you’re loading up your sausages, make sure that your links are evenly spaced out so the hot air can properly circulate and cook them thoroughly.

Spray With Cool Water When Finished

Everybody loves the sound of simmering meats when they open up their smoker, but leaving sausages at too high a temperature for too long can lead to a fatless and shriveled end result.

Spray the sausages with some cool water when you first remove them from the smoker to lower their internal temperature and seal in the flavor.


Smoking meat is an art that has dated back for thousands of years, and the team at Cookshack is proud to help you carry on this culinary tradition with the best tips and technology possible. Visit our website to see our full selection of industry leading smokers and barbeques.


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BBQ: A Great Takeout Food

While COVID-19 has plenty of people staying home for the summer, many Americans are taking this time to try out unique restaurants they’ve never visited before. Barbecue has proven to be one of the best take out foods.

Check out some of our top-of-the-line meat smokers and grills that will take your restaurant’s to-go options to the next level.


There’s no better way to serve your takeout than with the delicious taste and smell of a wood-fired grill. Cookshack is proud to have created the first pellet fired commercial grill on the market. The charbroiler adds that great wood-fired taste to any product you grill without the issues of a wood fired grill. Your cooks can spend their time getting the food right instead of managing a fire. Our 100% food grade wood pellets provide a consistent flavor and our charbroiler has the most consistent heat of any wood fired grill on the market.


Our SmartSmoker system smokes food without any drafts drying out the product. This work horse can produce up to 100 pounds of delicious barbecue per load or cold smoke up to 40 pounds of lox style salmon. 

It gets even better! This system is designed for ultimate cleanliness, with its meat-dripping catch system designed to keep the grease from building up in the unit and its wood box that easily slides out for quick cleaning! 


Fast Eddy’s is one of our favorite brands here at Cookshack, and this line includes rotating rack, stationary rack and mobile smoking products, all using the power of wood pellets to create the most consistent barbecue available. 

Between the fixed shelf’s quick start-up time at the flip of a switch and Spin-Glas® insulation providing top-notch heat retention, your meat will be ready for customers to take out as soon as they walk through the door.

Restaurant takeout is more popular than ever, and Cookshack is here to make sure your barbecue joint has the appliances you need to keep up with demand. Visit our website today to see our full line of commercial cookers.

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BBQ: A Great Takeout Food

While COVID-19 has plenty of people staying home for the summer, many Americans are taking this time to try out unique restaurants they’ve never visited before. If you want your meats to stay a cut above the rest, then it could be time to update your appliances.

Check out some of our top-of-the-line meat smokers that will take your restaurant’s to-go options to the next level.


There’s no better way to serve your takeout than with the delicious taste and smell of a charcoal grill, and Cookshack is proud to announce that we have perfected the charcoal process with our brand-new charbroiler!

Combining the consistent power of gas with our 100% food-grade wood pellets, grill masters can cook all their meats to the desired doneness and serve delicious meals that will have customers coming back for more.


Need to prepare a large amount of smoked meat on the fly for your orders? No problem! Our smartsmoker system can smoke your food at hot or cold temperatures without any drafts drying them out.

It gets better! This system is designed for ultimate cleanliness, with its meat-dripping catch system designed to decrease grease build-up and its wood box easily slides out for quick cleaning! 


Fast Eddy’s is one of our favorite brands here at Cookshack, and with their line of mobile and powerful smoking products, we promise they’ll be one of yours too!

Between the fixed shelf’s quick start-up time at the flip of a switch and Spin-Glas®  insulation providing top-notch heat retention, your meat will be ready for customers to take out as soon as they walk through the door.

Restaurant takeout is more popular than ever, and Cookshack is here to make sure your barbecue joint has the appliances you need to keep up with demand. Visit our website today to see our full line of commercial cookers.

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